The Art of R. Bruce Flowers

For the period September 2 to October 31, 2003, the Spencer Gallery in The D.B. Weldon Library will feature a display entitled "The Art of Bruce Flowers". Mr. Flowers sculpts figures in clay.

While enormous terra cottas are possible, clay's nature relates best to small forms and to a great sensitivity in the handling of the surfaces. These qualities attracted me as I'm most interested in expressing intimate themes such as serenity, acceptance and the gentle communion that can exist between two people.

For me, the wall is a blank canvas. My reliefs emerge from this ambiguous space as a painted image does from a canvas. Like a cropped photograph, I find a fragment of a whole much more powerfully suggestive than the whole itself. The observer must become a participant in the work. They must physically complete it in their mind's eye. And it is this very incompleteness of the form which permits a personal, relevant interpretation...and that is the creative act.

Bruce Flowers


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